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    An entropy generation analysis of horizontal convection under the centrifugal buoyancy approximation.

    International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 133, 105923, 2022.

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    Energy saving and performance analysis of air-cooled photovoltaic panels.

    International Journal of Energy Research 46 (4), 4825-4834, 2022.

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    Stability of flow in a channel with repeated flow-facing wedge-shaped protrusions.

    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 941, A59, 2022.

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    Linear stability analysis of horizontal convection under a Gay-Lussac type approximation.

    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 182, 121929, 2022.

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    A simplified and efficient Gay-Lussac approach for non-Boussinesq treatment of natural convection problems.

    Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B: Fundamentals 80 (5-6), 115-135, 2021.

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    Stability of pulsatile quasi-two-dimensional duct flows under a transverse magnetic field.

    Physical Review Fluids 6 (5), 053903, 2021.

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