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    $800k ARC Discovery and DECRA grant successes!  The Sheard Lab, 10 Nov 2017

    Our lab secures over $468k from the Australian Research Council under the Discovery Projects scheme to investigate horizontal convection at ocean-relevant conditions, and Dr Steve Dubsky secures a $358k Discovery Early Career Researcher Award.

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    Welcome to our new PhD student, Peyman Mayeli  The Sheard Lab, 3 Oct 2017

    We extend a warm welcome to the newest member of our team. Peyman Mayeli joins the group to study non-Boussinesq effects in natural convection flows.

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    Our work featured on cover of Journal of Fluid Mechanics  Cambridge University Press, 27 Jun 2017

    Work by PhD student Azan Sapardi, Wisam Hussam, Greg Sheard and our UK collaborator Alban Potherat, on the flow around a 180-degree bend has been featured on the cover of the leading Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

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    PhD completion for Ahmad Hamid  The Sheard Lab, 19 Oct 2016

    We congratulate Dr Ahmad Hamid on the conferral today of his PhD. Ahmad's thesis investigated electrical and physical mechanisms for heat transfer enhancement in magnetohydrodynamic duct flows.

Recent publications

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    Linear stability of horizontal, laminar fully developed, quasi-two-dimensional liquid metal duct flow under a transverse magnetic field and heated from below.

    Physical Review Fluids 2 (3), 033902, 2017.

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    Linear stability of confined flow around a 180-degree sharp bend.

    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 822, 813-847, 2017.

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    Combining an obstacle and electrically driven vortices to enhance heat transfer in a quasi-two-dimensional MHD duct flow.

    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 792, 364-396, 2016.

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    Heat transfer enhancement using rectangular vortex promoters in confined quasi-two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic flows.

    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 93, 186–199, 2016.

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    Heat transfer augmentation of a quasi-two-dimensional MHD duct flow via electrically driven vortices.

    Numerical Heat Transfer Part A-Applications 70 (8), 847-869, 2016.

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    Linear stability and energetics of rotating radial horizontal convection.

    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 795, 1-35, 2016.

Joining our team

We are expanding our team and welcome outstanding graduates with an interest in fluid mechanics, magnetohydrodynamics or convection and heat transfer to study towards a PhD. Applications must be made through Monash Graduate Research (how to apply?).

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