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    Transitions and scaling in horizontal convection driven by different temperature profiles.

    International Journal of Thermal Sciences 148, 106166, 2020.

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    From three-dimensional to quasi-two-dimensional: Transient growth in magnetohydrodynamic duct flows.

    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 861, 382-406, 2019.

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    Natural convection heat transfer utilizing nanofluid in a cavity with a periodic side-wall temperature in the presence of a magnetic field.

    International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 104, 127-135, 2019.

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    Horizontal convection in shallow enclosures scales with height, not length, at low Rayleigh numbers.

    International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 109, 104308, 2019.

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    High resolution propagation-based imaging system for in vivo dynamic computed tomography of lungs in small animals.

    Physics in Medicine and Biology 63 (8), 08NT03, 2018.

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    Cardiogenic flows in the lung revealed using synchrotron-based dynamic lung imaging.

    Scientific Reports 8, 4930, 2018.

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